Porthsele Beach

e0434cf1-20d2-4f70-ac5c-ef75f53ba706We are directly above and have private vehicle access to Porthsele beach. It is a sandy beach with plenty of rock pools at low tide. It is safe to swim in the sea and kayak in the bay. We and many other campers store kayaks at the top of the beach in the summer months. Whitesands beach (picture below) to the north is a 1 mile walk across the path or an approx 0.8km swim/kayak at high tide skirting the cliff from Pencarnan. Whitesands has a cafe, carpark, lifeguards in the summer months, deck chair and wetsuit hire etc and is a great surfing beach when the conditions are right.


Porthsele beach with Whitesands beach to the north



To the south of Pencarnan you come to the RNLI lifeboat station and St Justinian cove where you can find adventure on the many boat trips that go to and around the RSPB reserve that is Ramsay Island.IMG_0313.jpg

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Boys arriving at Porthsele beach for Hals wedding 2017 courtesy of Voyages Of Discovery landing craft.



Boat trips                                   https://www.ramseyisland.co.uk


Boat trips                                   http://thousandislands.co.uk

Boat trips                                   http://www.blueoceanadventures.co.uk/contact/

Whitesands cafe                       http://whitesandsbeachcafe.co.uk

Wet suit/surf board  hire        http://unsungherosurf.co.uk


ManUp-UK Events, Bootcamps Outdoor activities etc



Porthsele beach, high tide in August taken from the path above which is on Pencarnan land. Top right is Garn Llidi rock and underneath it out of view is Whitesands beach.