The Bluetits Openwater Swimmers

In 2014 my friend Tracey and I decided to swim throughout the winter months in swimsuits…basically we were ditching the wetsuits we had been swimming in for years whilst taking part in triathlons and swim only events. We did it and we loved it and formed The Bluetits. Anyone can become a Bluetit…just come and swim with us…it really is that simple! Sea temperatures here can get as low as 6 degrees in the winter. Ponds as low as 0. Chilly!

Winter swimming 2018/9 is beginning and the sea temp around here is now around 11 degrees. Still a decent temperature for seasoned winter swimmers but getting a little interesting for the first timers. I love it when it gets to 10 degrees, then the challenge starts and we dig out the carefully chosen winter post dip clothes and dry robes.

Solva swimmers, November 2018

Ice dipping, March 2018


Filming with Robson Green for Coastal Lives Sept 2017–series-1-episode-4/


Filming with ITV Coast to Coast May 2018

IMG_0463 2

Photoshoot Porthsele Beach for Outdoor Swimmer magazine


Our latest filming was with for a Visit wales promo


ITV St DavidsBritain’s Smallest City….